Hockey Central
Stanley Cup Winners
Prior to Formation of NHL in 1917
Year Champions Manager Coach
1916-17 Seattle Metropolitans Pete Muldoon Pete Muldoon
1915-16 Montreal Canadiens George Kennedy George Kennedy
1914-15 Vancouver Millionaires Frank Patrick Frank Patrick
1913-14 Toronto Blueshirts Jack Marshall Scotty Davidson*
1912-13 Quebec Bulldogs M.J. Quinn Joe Malone*
1911-12 Quebec Bulldogs M.J. Quinn C. Nolan
1910-11 Ottawa Senators   Bruce Stuart*
1909-10 Montreal Wanderers (Mar. 1910) Dickie Boon Pud Glass*
1909-10 Ottawa Senators (Jan. 1910)   Bruce Stuart*
1908-09 Ottawa Senators   Bruce Stewart*
1907-08 Montreal Wanderers Dickie Boon Cecil Blachford
1906-07 Montreal Wanderers (Mar. 1907) Dickie Boon Cecil Blachford
1906-07 Kenora Thistles (Jan./Mar. 1907) F.A. Hudson Tom Phillips*
1905-06 Montreal Wanderers (Mar. 1906) Cecil Blachford  
1905-06 Ottawa Silver Seven (Feb. 1906)   Alf Smith
1904-05 Ottawa Silver Seven   Alf Smith
1903-04 Ottawa Silver Seven   Alf Smith
1902-03 Ottawa Silver Seven (Mar. 1903)   Alf Smith
1902-03 Montreal A.A.A. (Feb. 1903)   C. McKerrow
1901-02 Montreal A.A.A. (Mar. 1902)   C. McKerrow
1901-02 Winnipeg Victorias (Jan. 1902)    
1900-01 Winnipeg Victorias   Dan Bain*
1899-1900 Montreal Shamrocks   Harry Trihey*
1898-99 Montreal Shamrocks (Mar. 1899)   Harry Trihey*
1989-99 Winnipeg Victorias (Feb. 1899)   Mike Grant*
1897-98 Montreal Victorias   Frank Richardson
1896-97 Montreal Victorias   Mike Grant*
1895-96 Montreal Victorias (Dec. 1896)   Mike Grant
1895-96 Winnipeg Victorias (Feb. 1896)   Jack Armitage
1894-95 Montreal Victorias   Mike Grant*
1893-94 Montreal A.A.A.    
1892-93 Montreal A.A.A.    
*In the early years the teams were frequently run by the Captain.
*Indicates Captain