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Table 9
(Rule 22 - Misconduct Penalties)
Description Rule
(i) Banging boards with stick in protest of an official's ruling Rule 40
(ii) Continuing or attempting to continue a fight Rule 47
(iii) Deliberately breaking stick or refusing to surrender stick for measurement Rule 10
(iv) Deliberately throwing any equipment (including stick) out of playing area Rule 40 Rule 53
(v) Entering or remaining in the referee's crease Rule 40
(vi) Fighting off the player surface (or with another player or goalkeeper who is off the playing surface) Rule 47
(vii) Inciting an opponent Rule 75
(viii) Instigating a fight Rule 47
(ix) Interfering or distracting opponent taking a penalty shot Rule 25
(x) Knocking or shooting puck out of reach of an official Rule 40
(xi) Leaving bench to speak to official Rule 6
(xii) Refusing to change non-regulation piece of protective equipment (second violation) Rule 9
(xiii) Use of profane or abusive language Rule 75
(xiv) Verbal abuse of an official Rule 40
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