Hockey Central
Table 2
(Rule 16 - Minor Penalties)
Description Rule
(i) Boarding Rule 42
(ii) Broken Stick Rule 10
(iii) Charging Rule 43
(iv) Clipping Rule 45
(v) Closing hand on puck Rule 67
(vi) Cross-checking Rule 59
(vii) Delay of game Rule 63
(viii) Elbowing Rule 46
(ix) Face-off violation Rule 76
(x) Goalkeeper interference Rule 69
(xi) High-sticking Rule 60
(xii) Holding Rule 54
(xiii) Holding the stick Rule 54
(xiv) Hooking Rule 55
(xv) Illegal equipment Rule 12
(xvi) Illegal stick Rule 10
(xvii) Instigator Rule 47
(xviii) Interference Rule 56
(xix) Kneeing Rule 50
(xx) Leaving penalty bench too early Rule 70
(xxi) Leaving the crease (goalkeeper) Rule 28
(xxii) Participating in the play beyond the center red line (goalkeeper) Rule 28
(xxiii) Roughing Rule 51
(xxiv) Slashing Rule 61
(xxv) Throwing puck towards opponent's goal (goalkeeper) Rule 67
(xxvi) Throwing stick Rule 53
(xxvii) Tripping Rule 57
(xxviii) Unsportsmanlike conduct Rule 75