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Table 15
(Rule 28 - Goalkeeper's Penalties)
Description Rule
(i) Illegal Stick Rule 10
(ii) Illegal Equipment Rule 9 Rule 12
(iii) Leaving crease during an altercation Rule 28
(iv) Proceeding to player's bench Rule 28
(v) Participates in the play beyond the center red line Rule 28
(vi) Playing puck in restricted area Rule 1
Rule 28
Rule 63
(vii) Proceeds to player's bench to replace stick Rule 10
(viii) Deliberately shoots or bats puck out of play Rule 63
(ix) Deliberately falls on puck inside or outside the goal crease Rule 63
(x) Deliberately drops the puck in his pads or on the goal net Rule 67
(xi) Piling snow or other obstacles Rule 67
(xii) Throwing the puck towards opponent's goal Rule 67
(xiii) Using the blocking glove to punch an opponent in the head or face Rule 51
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