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Table 12
(Rule 23 - Game Misconduct Penalties)
Description Rule
(i) Continues or attempts to continue a fight Rule 47
(ii) Fighting off the playing surface or with an opponent who is off the playing surface Rule 47
(iii) First or second player (or goalkeeper) to leave the players' bench during or to start an altercation Rule 70
(iv) First to intervene in an altercation (third man in) Rule 47
(v) Interferes with a game official in the performance of their duties Rule 40
(vi) Leaving the penalty bench during an altercation Rule 70
(vii) Obscene gestures Rule 40 Rule 75
(viii) Persists to challenge or dispute an official's ruling Rule 40
(ix) Physically abuses an official Rule 41
(x) Player or goalkeeper who has been ordered to the dressing room but returns to the bench or the ice Rule 70
(xi) Player or goalkeeper who deliberately attempts to injure a Manager, Coach or other non-playing Club personnel in any manner Rule 75
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