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77.1 Game Timing - The time allowed for a game shall be three (3) twenty-minute periods of actual play with a rest intermission between periods.
77.2 Intermission Timing - Play shall be resumed promptly following each intermission upon the expiration of seventeen (17) minutes or a length of time designated by the League from the completion of play in the preceding period. Timing of the intermission commences immediately upon the conclusion of the period. (See Rule 34 - Game Timekeeper.) Preliminary warnings shall be given by the Game Timekeeper to the officials and to both teams five (5) minutes and two (2) minutes prior to the resumption of play in each period to enable the teams to start play promptly.
  For the purpose of keeping the spectators informed as to the time remaining during intermissions, the Game Timekeeper will use the electronic clock to record length of intermissions.
77.3 Delays - If any unusual delay occurs with five (5) minutes of the end of the first or second periods, the Referee may order the next regular intermission to be taken immediately. The balance if the period will be completed on the resumption of play with the teams defending the same goals after which the teams will change ends and resume play of the ensuing period without delay.
  If a delay takes place with more than five (5) minutes remaining in the first or second period, the Referee will order the next regular intermission to be taken immediately only when requested to do so by the home Club.
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