Hockey Central
Section 2 - Teams
Rule 5. Team  
5.1 Eligible Players - A team shall be composed of 20 players (18 skaters and two goalkeepers) who shall be under contract to the Club they represent.
  At the beginning of each game, the Manager or Coach of each team shall list the players and goalkeepers who shall be eligible to play in the game. Not more than eighteen (18) players and two (2) goalkeepers, shall be permitted. One non-uniformed player shall be permitted on the Roster Sheet submitted by the Coach to the Referee or Official Scorer prior to the start of the game.
  A list of names and numbers of all eligible players and goalkeepers must be handed to the Official Scorer before the game, and no change shall be permitted in the list or addition thereto shall be permitted after the commencement of the game.
  Prior to the game, if an official (on-ice or off-ice) notices that a player or goalkeeper is in uniform but has not been included on the Official Game Report, the Referee shall bring this to the attention of the offending team so that the necessary correction can be made to the Official Game Report (and no penalty is assessed).
5.2 Ineligible Player - Only players and goalkeepers on the list submitted to the Official Scorer before the game may participate in the game. The determining factor when considering whether or not a player or goalkeeper is eligible is that the player or goalkeeper's name, and not necessarily the player or goalkeeper's number, must be correctly listed by the Manager or Coach of that team.
  If a goal is scored when an ineligible player or goalkeeper is on the ice (whether he was involved in the scoring or not), the goal will be disallowed. This only applies to the goal scored at the stoppage of play whereby the player or goalkeeper was deemed to be ineligible. All other goals scored previously by the ineligible player or goalkeeper's team (with him on the ice or not) shall be allowed. The ineligible player will be removed from the game and Club shall not be able to substitute another player from its roster. No additional penalties are to be assessed but a report of the incident must be submitted to the Commissioner. For an ineligible goalkeeper, see 5.3.
5.3 Goalkeeper - Each team shall be allowed one goalkeeper on the ice at one time. The goalkeeper may be removed and another player substituted. Such substitute shall not be permitted the privileges of the goalkeeper.
  Each team shall have on its bench, or on a chair immediately beside the bench, a substitute goalkeeper who shall, at all times, be fully dressed and equipped ready to play.
  Except when both goalkeepers are incapacitated, no player in the playing roster in that game shall be permitted to wear equipment of the goalkeeper.
  In regular League and Playoff games, if both listed goalkeepers are incapacitated, that team shall be entitled to dress and play any available goalkeeper who is eligible. This goalkeeper is eligible to sit on the player's bench, in uniform. In the event that the two regular goalkeepers are injured in quick succession, the third goalkeeper shall be provided with a reasonable amount of time to get dressed. In addition to a two-minute warm-up (except when he enters the game to defend against a penalty shot).
  The recalling of minor league goalkeepers (as a result of suspensions incurred to both goalkeepers under Rule 11 - Goalkeepers Equipment to ensure a complete lineup for subsequent games shall be deemed to be an emergency recall and subject to the twenty-three (23) man roster limitations.
5.4 Coaches and Team Personnel - No one but players and goalkeepers in uniform, non-playing team personnel duly registered on the Roster Sheet as the Manager, Coach(es), Trainer, Equipment Manager, etc. shall be permitted to occupy the benches so provided.
  One non-uniformed player shall be permitted on the players' bench in a coaching capacity. He must be indicated on the Roster Sheet submitted by the Coach to the Official Scorer prior to the start of the game.