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35.1 General Duties - The Penalty Timekeeper shall keep, on the Penalty Record form, a correct record of all penalties imposed by the Referees including the names of the players penalized, the penalties assessed, the duration of each penalty and the time at which each penalty was imposed.
  The Penalty Timekeeper shall inform penalized players and the Penalty Box Attendants as to the correct expiration time of all penalties. In the event of a dispute regarding the time a player is permitted to return to the ice, the game clock is the determining time clock. For example, a player assessed a minor penalty at the 12:00 mark. A stoppage of play occurs at the 10:00 mark, however, the penalty time clock shows one second remaining in the penalty. Since the game clock is the determining time clock, the penalized player shall be permitted to return to the ice.
  The infraction of the rules for which each penalty has been imposed will be announced twice over the public address system as reported by the Referee. Where players of both teams are penalized at the same time, the penalty to the visiting player will be announced first. In situations where multiple game misconducts have been assessed to any player at the same stoppage of play, only one game misconduct should be announced.
  Misconduct penalties and coincident major penalties should not be recorded on the timing device (penalty time clock) but such penalized players should be alerted and released at the first stoppage of play following the expiration of their penalties.
  If a player leaves the penalty bench before the time has expired, the Penalty Timekeeper must note the time and notify the Referees at the first opportunity.
  It is the responsibility of the Penalty Timekeeper to ensure that penalized players return to the penalty box before the puck is dropped for the start of a new period. In the event that a player should not be in the box, the Penalty Timekeeper should notify the Referees and prevent the game from resuming until the player is there.
35.2 Equipment - The Penalty Timekeeper shall have an official stick-measuring gauge and tape measure available for the Referees use during the game.
35.3 Goalkeeper's Penalties - In the event that a goalkeeper is penalized, the penalty shall be served by another member of his team who was on the ice when the offense was committed. Communication with the Official Scorer and/or Real Time Scorers is important at this time as they can inform the Penalty Timekeeper who was actually on the ice to ensure only the proper players can serve the time.
35.4 Penalty Shot - He shall report on the Penalty Record from each penalty shot awarded, the name of the player taking the shot and the result of the shot.
35.5 Penalty Shot Clock - He shall be responsible for the correct posting of penalties on the scoreboard at all times and shall promptly call to the attention of the Referees any discrepancy between the time recorded on the clock and the official correct time and he shall be responsible for making any adjustments ordered by the Referees.
  In the event that two players from one team and one player from the opposing team are penalized at the same time, the Penalty Timekeeper shall request through the Referee or the offending team's Captain, which penalty they prefer to have on the timing device.
35.6 Reports - Prior to each game, the Penalty Timekeeper shall obtain copies of the Instigator, Aggressor & Game Misconduct List provided by the League, retain one copy and provide one to the Referees. Should a player or goalkeeper be assessed a penalty that would result in an automatic suspension, this must be conveyed to the Referee at the time the penalty is assessed to ensure a Game Misconduct penalty is applied.
  Upon the completion of each game, the Penalty Timekeeper shall complete and sign the Penalty Record form and forward same to the League office.
  The Officiating Department shall be entitled to inspect, collect and forward to the League office the actual worksheets used by the Penalty Timekeeper in any game.
  When a player or goalkeeper is ejected from a game, the Penalty Timekeeper must complete a report of the incident, (Off-Ice Officials Report of Game Misconduct/Match Penalties). When there are more than one of these incidents, it is imperative to provide the Referee with accurate information for each incident so that his report(s) to the League office is correct.
35.7 Stick Measurements - He shall also record on the Penalty Record form the details and the result of any stick measurement performed by the Referees during the game.
35.8 Verification of Time - In the event that a goal is awarded by video review even though play continued, the Penalty Timekeeper must adjust any existing penalties, according to the situation. The clock must revert back to the original time the goal was scored. If a penalty was in the process of being called, it will revert back to that time also.
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