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33.1 General Duties - Before the start of the game, the Official Scorer shall obtain from the Manager or Coach of both teams a list of all eligible players and the starting line-up of each team, which information shall be made known to the opposing Manager or Coach before the start of play.
  The Official Scorer shall secure the names of the Captain and Alternate Captains from the Manager or Coach at the time the line-ups are collected and will indicate those nominated by placing the letter "C" or "A" opposite their names on the Official Report of Match form.
  The Official Scorer shall keep a record of the goals scored, the scorers, and players to whom assists have been credited and shall indicate those players on the lists who have actually taken part in the game.
  At the conclusion of the game, the Official Scorer shall complete and sign the Score Sheet form and forward same to the League office.
  The Official Scorer shall prepare the Official Report of Match form for signature by the Referees and forward it to the League office together with the Score Sheet and the Penalty Record forms.
  Under the Report of Match section, the Official Scorer must explain if the start of the game is delayed for any reason, any goalkeeper substitutions, time-outs, empty net goals, any delays in the playing of the game due to injury or television, etc.
33.2 Goals and Assists - The Official Scorer shall award the points for goals and assists and his decision shall be final. The Official Scorer shall use the Video Goal Judge system to verify the proper awarding of goals and assists. The awards of points for goals and assists shall be announced twice over the public address system and all changes in such awards shall also be announced in the same manner.
  No requests for changes in any award of points shall be considered unless they are made at or before the conclusion of actual play in the game by the Team Captain, or immediately following the game by a Team representative.
  In the event that the Video Goal Judge reviews a play and a goal is awarded even though play went for a period of time, the Official Scorer awards the goal and any assists at the time the goal was scored. If he is unsure, he must check with the Video Goal Judge. The Game Timekeeper and the Penalty Timekeeper must also be informed in order to adjust the clock and the penalty clocks accordingly.
  A goal is awarded to the last player on the scoring team to touch the puck prior to the puck entering the net. (A puck entering the net is considered to be between the posts, from in front of, and below the crossbar, and entirely across the goal line.)
  An assist is awarded to the player or players (maximum two) who touched the puck prior to the goal scorer, provided no defender plays of possesses the puck in between.
33.3 Line-ups - It is the policy of the National Hockey League that the Coach of the visiting club provide to the Official Scorer, a list of eligible players, his starting line-up and designated Captain and Alternates, within five (5) minutes of the completion of the warm-up (twenty (20) minutes prior to face-off).
  The twenty (20) minutes gives the Official Scorer time to obtain the completed home team line-up, return it to the visiting Coach and provide a copy of both line-ups to the Referees.
  The Official Scorer should have an off-ice crew member to assist him in order to save time and complete these duties.
  The Official Scorer must file a report to the Commissioner or his designate if either Coach fails to cooperate within these recommended guidelines. This report should be forwarded to the National Hockey League Toronto office.
33.4 Location - The Official Scorer should view the game from an elevated position, well away from the players' benches, with house telephone communication to the public address announcer. He should also have access to a television monitor to aid in th awarding of points. He must have access to the Video Goal Judge.
33.5 Penalties - The Official Scorer must help the Penalty Timekeeper with the numbers of the players on the ice, in the event a goalkeeper is assessed a penalty or a player is ejected from a game. He must also keep an eye on the players' benches during an altercation and record the numbers of any players who leave their respective players' or penalty benches and in the order that they so leave.
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