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President's Trophy

An annual award to the club finishing the regular-season with the best overall record.

History: Presented to the National Hockey League in 1985-86 by the NHL Board of Governors to recognize the team compiling the top regular-season record.

Year Winner Runner-up
2017 Washington Capitals Pittsburgh Penguins
2016 Washington Capitals Dallas Stars
2015 New York Rangers Montreal Canadiens
2014 Boston Bruins Anaheim Ducks
2013 Chicago Blackawks Pittsburgh Penguins
2012 Vancouver Canucks New York Rangers
2011 Vancouver Canucks Washington Capitals
2010 Washington Capitals San Jose Sharks
2009 San Jose Sharks Boston Bruins
2008 Detroit Red Wings San Jose Sharks
2007 Buffalo Sabres Detroit Red Wings
2006 Detroit Red Wings Ottawa Senators
2005 -- --
2004 Detroit Red Wings Tampa Bay Lightning
2003 Ottawa Senators Dallas Stars
2002 Detroit Red Wings Boston Bruins
2001 Colorado Avlanche Detroit Red Wings
2000 St. Louis Blues Detroit Red Wings
1999 Dallas Stars New Jersey Devils
1998 Dallas Stars New Jersey Devils
1997 Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars
1996 Detroit Red Wings Colorado Avalanche
1995 Detroit Red Wings Quebec Nordiques
1994 New York Rangers New Jersey Devils
1993 Pittsburgh Penguins Boston Bruins
1992 New York Rangers Washington Capitals
1991 Chicago Blackhawks St. Louis Blues
1990 Boston Bruins Calgary Flames
1989 Calgary Flames Montreal Canadiens
1988 Calgary Flames Montreal Canadiens
1987 Edmonton Oilers Philadelphia Flyers
1986 Edmonton Oilers Philadelphia Flyers